Eva picks up another endorsement!

Thank you Alderman Brackeen for New Haven for your endorsement!

"New Haven, CT- Today, I give my endorsement and the endorsement of my ward committee to Eva Bermúdez Zimmerman. I strongly believe that Eva is the real deal and will ensure that no games are played with the working middle class families of the state of CT. This is one of the very few times in my political life that I don't have to worry or wonder what the candidate stands for, because Eva Bermúdez Zimmerman has been living this life for the people her whole life. As a millennial progressive myself, I have often heard the "wait your turn" line way to often, but Eva represents my generation who is ready, willing, and very able to step up to the plate and take the future of our state to the next level. Her record is strong and her ability to advocate for the people is what best suits her to be our next Lt. Gov. #CTDems #BlueWave #ImWithEva Eva for CT #Nowisthetime""

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