About Eva

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With her professional experience working on stimulus package legislation in Congress, performing labor negotiations as an SEIU Child Care Director, and as a former Newtown Legislative Council member, Eva is committed to improving and fighting for our communities. 

Eva was awarded Latina Citizen of the year by the Connecticut General Assembly for her outstanding activism navigating 7000 Connecticut residents to health insurance through the Access Health Market place. She held enrollment fairs throughout the state during her weekends off to try to connect as many people possible with the opportunity to get covered on affordable health care plans.

She first got involved with direct grassroots organizing by canvassing in with CONNPIRG Connecticut Public Interest Research Group organizing for environmental awareness. Those opportunities now 13 years ago fueled her desire to help be part of changing her community rather than the sidelines. She's volunteered for community groups like CSS/CON one of the regional zoning groups in Hartford serving as Treasurer, Connecticut Center for a New Economy and Connecticut Citizen's Action Group, Danbury Rising to name a few.


Eva currently represents and organizes for SEIU, ensuring that people have access to retirement plans, decent salaries and health insurance benefits.


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